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Certified Assistance Dog Trainer SDC
 Public Access Test Assessor PAT, Pet Dog Trainer & Behaviour Specialist

I am a passionate and Certified Positive Reinforcement Assistance Dog Trainer, Public Access Test Assessor (PAT), Certified Positive Dog Training & Dog Behaviour Specialist based in Perth. My method of training dogs is reinforcement rich, 'force, free', innovative and based on the latest scientific research. With extensive experience working with a diversity of community members, I have specialised in the field of training and assessing assistance dogs and working with people who could benefit from having a service dog accompany them in public places. Having also been an Emergency Service first responder for more than 17 years, and dealing firsthand with the consequences of trauma, I know the value and support our canine companions can have, particularly on our health and well-being.  Whether you require training for a companion dog, puppy, assistance dog, or a BOA or PAT assessment  please call Louise on 0408 899 875, 

'Secure Paws & Claws' business Owner & Manager

Dog & Cat Groomer, Pet Dog Trainer


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About Me

BOOK A Dog Training & Behaviour Consultation or 

Assistance Dog Behaviour & Obedience Assessment (BOA) or Public Access Test (PAT)

BOA or PAT Assessment

AD Task Training

As a Public Access Test Assessor for the Department of Local Government, Sport & Cultural Industries DLGSC of WA we conduct BOA and PAT assessments for suitability and Assistance Dog certification. The dog must be at least 12 months of age and have well consolidated 

obedience behaviours in public, including tasks that assist their handler. To meet the required standards in public places we also provide Assistance Dog training including task selection and Public Access training.

Positive Dog Training 

As a Certified Positive Reinforcement Assistance Dog Trainer, and Certified Positive Dog Training & Behaviour Professional we have a training strategy for every struggle!,..our training combines general dog obedience with fun game strategies, that build a dog's confidence, resilience, focus, calmness and trust, optimising a dogs ability to learn and maximising positive relationships, turning struggles into strengths.

10% Discount for a Block of Services 

Dog Behaviour Consultation

With extensive experience working with dogs and ongoing Professional  Development we guarantee our Services are Professional and Exemplary, particularly in establishing the right Positive Behaviour Modification Programs. We also assist dogs who are fearful, reactive, anxious and/or aggressive, including during the grooming experience.

Puppy Consultation & Training

Having been a registered breeder of Golden Retrievers in the 1990's, I love assisting puppy parents with their new arrival. Whether a companion or future assistance dog it is extremely important that training commences as early as possible. Our Pawesome Puppy Foundation program gives them the 'Best Start' to step forwards on the 'Right Paw'.


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